Generative AI solutions tailored for IT companies
Integrate within 1 sprint.
Test for free for 1 month.
Fabula Business
We will add functionality according to your individual request
Content personalization: text-to-image + FaceSwap, image-to-image + FaceSwap
Colorization of black-and-white images, noise and artifact removal, creating photorealistic images
Image generation based on textual description
Face replacement in images or videos, creating deepfakes
Background remove
AI-driven smart background remove
Auto Retouch
Detection and outpainting of skin defects, acne, wrinkles
Object remove
AI-driven object outpainting
Quality lossless image resolution upscale
A set of ready-made solutions
Cheaper and faster than in-house
Checklist for Implementing Neural Networks in Business
Fabula Business
Hiring and onboarding a team
Launching ML department
Development, research, and neural networks fine tuning
Search and rental of GPU servers
Infrastructure deployment
The cost of maintaining ML department, including servers:
3 months
1 month
3 months
1 month
2 months
From 33,000 USD/month
1,000 USD/month
Step 1
Online meeting
Onboarding and access to Fabula sandbox tools
Step 2
Integration within 1 sprint
Integration via API
Step 3
Contract signing and trial period launch
Step 4
We already have clients working with us
We are best because
The latest equipment
We use high-performance servers with RTX4090 and RTX3090
We operate worldwide
The servers are located in Russia, Europe, and the USA
UP Time 99,99%
We regularly conduct maintenance work to improve the stability of computational operations
Regular updates of the neural network catalog
Over the past year, we've implemented 25 third-party neural networks and developed 3 proprietary ones
Fabula is a neural network that will draw your unique avatar based on a photo
Fabula: a free tool for creating AI avatars and images based on textual prompts
The best adaptation of the GTA VI trailer by FABULA
Fabula has launched a picture generator service on Stable Diffusion Deliberate. Free of charge, that is — for free
October 14, 2023
September 11, 2023
October 19, 2023
December 5, 2023
Fabula team
Yevgeny Chebatkov
Ali Ozdiev
Rodion Kadyrov
Co-founder, CEO
Co-founder, CPO
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