1. What is AIvazovsky?

AIvazovsky is a service that uses artificial intelligence technology to create multiple AI generations and personalized avatars of users in various styles.
2. How does it work?

For creating AI avatars upload 5-10 of your photos to create personalized avatars. We will train a neural network using your photos, and artificial intelligence will create a unique, individual image of you. The more photos you provide, the better results you get.

For creating AI generations describe the image you want. The process of creating will be inspired by these words
3. Is AIvazovsky sharing my personal information and photos?

Your personal photos and information are safe with us. We take privacy seriously and use secure servers to protect your data. We provide a comprehensive solution and do not share your photos or trained model with third-party services or API providers. Original photos, trained models, and generated avatars are automatically deleted 7 days after generation. It gives you enough time to download the results, and we can review the original photos in case of questions.
4. Why isn't it free?

Training neural networks requires expensive equipment to perform a large number of calculations. We rent it from cloud providers and have to pay the bills.
5. Can I use the generated avatars for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can. We grant you all copyrights to the generated avatars.
6. Can I generate avatars of anyone, not just myself?

Yes, you can generate avatars of anyone, not just yourself. Simply upload a photo of the person you want to generate an avatar of. Our AI technology will do the rest.
7. How do I share the generated avatars?

You can download them and share them on other platforms.
Any other questions? Email us and we will try to solve your problem: info@fabula-app.com